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225 E Ponce De Leon Ave #305
Decatur, GA 30030
United States


My daughter and I create these one of a kind paintings.  They are acrylic and mixed media on wooden panels of various sizes. 

painting together.JPG

Tangled Designs

It all started as we created together.  Violet decided what color family would be used, and Katy put the paint on a palette.  Katy encouraged Violet to reload her paintbrush when needed and pointed out spots that Violet missed.  Violet reminded Katy to step back and look at the work from across the room.  They worked individually and in tandem, guiding each other onto the next task.  But as with most 7 year olds, Violet sometimes prefers playing with her toys over painting.  Because of time limitations of show deadlines and school night bedtimes, Katy sometimes works independently.  However, Katy always welcomes Violet's input whenever the mood strikes her, even if it's just a dab of paint here and there.  Our next big step in our line of work, will be using Violet's drawings as the templates for the paper collage.